Dentist examining x-rays made with dental technologyOur dentist and team are dedicated to continually providing you and your family with the highest available level of care. This comes with a commitment to meeting all of your dental needs and to providing you with a dental experience that is comfortable and pleasant each time you visit us. To help us achieve these goals, we are pleased to offer each client the benefits of state-of-the-art dental technology. The dental technology we utilize includes a number of cutting-edge tools, equipment, techniques, and materials we use at our dental office to ensure you receive high-quality, gentle dental care.

The Advantages of Dental Technology

The medical field has always been a great beneficiary of technological improvements. These upgrades in technology afford us more time, as well as more accuracy. It’s a net gain for both patients and dentists. For example, one piece of dental technology in Austin, Texas, you are undoubtedly familiar with are dental x-rays. X-rays allow dentists to check for cavities between your teeth in places that your eyes could never see. Any time we introduce a new tool to our office, it provides us a similar advantage. Our dentist and the entire team have also received the necessary training to utilize advanced dental technology to enhance your dental care and health. For example, some of the dental technologies we use include:

Laser cavity detection allows the NW Hills team to utilize detection services that can confirm what we see with our eyes. Panoramic x-rays take a single image of your entire mouth. It can provide a more complete picture for your doctor, and you spend less time getting x-rays taken. Digital x-rays convert the image to a direct digital format removing the need for a lengthy film development process. Our intraoral camera allows us to get more detailed looks at the cramped corners of your mouth. Micro-abrasion dentistry allows us to remove decayed tooth enamel without drills, only pressurized air. Each of these forms of dental technology can save you time, money, or stress.

Dental Technology at NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics

We strive to use the most advanced dental technology to make your dental experience as efficient, comfortable, as well as enjoyable as possible. For example, our sophisticated diagnostic equipment aids us in making quick and accurate diagnoses. It can also help us effectively plan your treatment. We strive to utilize the latest, most up-to-date technology available to provide you with the best possible experience and care every time you visit our office. Each of our different types of dental technology has its own benefits, but all can provide you with a better dental appointment.

To maintain a modern dental office and a standard of advanced care, Dr. Ronald Cass invests in utilizing proven dental technology as part of your routine dental care. As a result, you can experience applicable and efficient service when you visit NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics. We invite you to continue browsing our website and contact our dental practice to learn more. We also welcome you to call 512.345.2655 if you want to learn more about our dentist’s advanced dental technology in Austin, Texas. Get your best dental health through the latest in dental technology.