Woman getting an oral cancer screeningOral cancer includes cancers of the lips, tongue, the floor of the mouth, cheeks, throat (pharynx), sinuses, and also your hard and soft palate. While oral cancer can usually be successfully treated when detected early, most cases of oral cancer are not detected until they have progressed into a more severe and advanced stage that is much more difficult to treat. In fact, oral cancer can be life-threatening in extreme cases.

At the NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics office, we dedicate our time and expertise to doing all we can to detect and treat oral cancers, as well as other abnormalities, at the earliest possible stage. During your routine dental cleanings and exams at our office, our dentist and team will perform an oral cancer screening to check for the signs of oral cancer.

Why Do I Need An Oral Cancer Screening?

Cancer is a terrible disease. If there is anything we can do to help prevent it, then we will. When you visit NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics for a checkup, we use it as an opportunity to examine your overall oral health. This includes looking for signs of oral cancer. Of course, this isn’t always a necessity, but it’s quick and harmless. It also has the chance of potentially saving your life.

The following are common symptoms of oral cancer that we look for during an oral cancer screening in Austin, Texas:

  • A persistent sore throat or feeling that something is caught at the back of the throat
  • Unexplained bleeding in the mouth
  • A persistent or lasting sore on the face, neck, or mouth that bleeds easily and does not heal within two weeks
  • Unexplained loss of feeling, pain, or numbness in the face, neck, or mouth
  • Ear pain
  • Lumps, bumps, or rough spots on the gums, lips, or other parts of the mouth
  • Red, white, or speckled red and white patches in the mouth
  • Difficulty chewing, speaking, or swallowing
  • A change in the way your teeth or dentures fit together

While our dental team will perform a screening for oral cancer to check for these and other symptoms, we encourage you to contact us if you notice any of these problems or if you experience any other type of dental pain. We are committed to helping you stay in good health.

Other Services at NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics

When you come to the NW Hills oral cancer screening dentist, our team can help with essentially any dental need you may have. Our office is well equipped and stays up to date on the latest and most innovative dental treatments. At NW Hills, you can find dental services, which include:

Every single patient will have access to the above options and many more. Our goal is to be the only place you’ll need to go for dental work. Your whole family can find the treatment they need at NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics.

With a proper oral cancer screening from our team at NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics, you can increase your chances of maintaining good oral health throughout your lifetime. Dr. Ronald Cass, a general and oral cancer screening dentist, recommends that you visit our practice regularly to receive your oral cancer screenings in Austin, Texas. Remember that early detection brings early treatment, which can increase your chances of recovery. To schedule your next screening with our dentist, call our team today at 512.345.2655.