Patient using nitrous oxide sedation in dentistryDo you ever feel nervous about visiting the dentist? Does your upcoming treatment make you feel anxious? If so, you may benefit from nitrous oxide sedation at our office. Dental anxiety is an all too real condition. A surprisingly large number of people with dental anxiety are actually adults. This fear of the dentist seems to be able to affect anyone. It’s not necessarily something you will grow out of. For this reason, NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics offers nitrous oxide sedation for dentistry work. So how does this treatment work?

About Nitrous Oxide Sedation for Dentistry

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a gas that you inhale through a nose mask during your treatment. As you breathe in the nitrous oxide, which is mixed with oxygen, you will experience a relaxed, euphoric sensation. Nitrous oxide can help you feel calm and at ease throughout your treatment. Nitrous oxide sedation is very safe; the effects will wear off within just a few minutes after we remove your nose mask, and you can legally and safely drive yourself home after your appointment.

The Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

There are advantages of sedation dentistry for both you and your dentist. You don’t have to experience undue anxiety and can be at ease during your treatments. On the other hand, your dentist can work faster and with fewer interruptions if you are not nervous during the procedure. Our sedation dentistry can be used to relax you during any of our services including:

  • Regular checkups and cleanings
  • Bondings and crowns
  • Root canals

Essentially, nitrous oxide sedation can be used in any of our dental procedures. It is a relatively harmless sedation drug with short-acting side effects. This allows us to use it in almost any situation it is needed in. It can even be used in combination with other drugs used for sedation.

Your oral health can have a direct effect on the health of other parts of your body. Therefore, maintaining your best oral health and keeping up your hygiene habits is essential. Regular dental checkups are a crucial part of that. Nitrous oxide sedation in Austin, Texas, can make getting those checkups a breeze and keep your teeth in the best shape possible.

The Benefits of Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Austin, Texas

Nitrous oxide is a good option for any of our patients who suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia. If you feel anxious because you are receiving a treatment that you have not experienced before, or if you simply dislike the sounds and sights of the dental office, we may recommend nitrous oxide to help you feel more relaxed. Be certain to discuss your concerns with our dentist and dental team before your visit so we can help you feel more comfortable during your treatment. We invite you to contact us today to learn more!

Our team at NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics offers nitrous oxide for those who struggle to feel calm or relaxed during their visit with our dentist. During each of your visits, our team addresses your concerns and anxieties to ensure that you remain as comfortable and calm as possible. Additionally, Dr. Ronald Cass and his team exercise patience and sincere compassion so you can more easily trust us with your dental care. If you have any questions about how we use nitrous oxide in Austin, Texas, we welcome you to reach out to our team by calling 512.345.2655.